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Breastlight™ is an innovative way for women to understand their own breast health in the comfort of their own home.

Breastlight gives women a clear view inside their breast tissue to view any abnormalities developing over time. We call this Enlightened Breast Awareness.

You have told us that you are nearly twice as confident using Breastlight to check your breasts. We are aiming to enable all women to feel this confident!

Breastlight can be used by any women of any colour, shape or size. The manuals are available in any language.

Breastlight has seen success in over 50 countries worldwide; why don’t you see what women have been raving about?

Breastlight is designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.

Pack Contains


Mains Charger

Lubricant Sample

DVD Instructions

Instruction Booklet


Breastlight Features:

Rechargeable: With a battery life indicator.

Touch Sensor Technology:

The light only switches to full power when in contact with your skin.


Days since last use inductor:

 a useful reminder to check your breasts regularly.

Nurse Helpline: 

       A specialist nurse available to answer any questions about Breastlight.

Place of Origin:

Made in UK

PWB Health UK Ltd

2 Thorne Road 

Thornton Lodge


  HD1 3JJ

United Kingdom




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