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Product Name : Care Plus 1000 Baby Incubator
Model No : Care Plus 1000
Shipment : All Over the world
Product Type : Baby Incubator
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GE Healthcare Care Plus Model 1000 is a microprocessor controlled single walled infant incubator. Optional configurations include a passive humidification system with or without a mobile cabinet. Additional accessories are available for accommodating a range of customer requirements.

Features and Benefits:
  • Microprocessor Control: Maintains the predetermined heating level.
  • Passive Humidifier: Standard to provide humidity
  • Centralized Display of Pertinent Data: Display of patient, air and control temperatures with diagnostic alarms.
  • Single Wall Construction: Affordable thermoregulation that is easy to clean
  • Two Tubing Access Ports: One on each side of hood front door.
  • Two Iris Portholes Standard: One on left and one on right side of hood
  • Single Position Tilt Mechanism: Bed tilt of 10 degrees from both ends
  • Oxygen Inlet Tubing Nipple for O2 bleed-in
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