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Product Name : 200MA X-ray Unit with Radiographic
Model No : TR200B
Shipment : All Over the world
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Additional Info.
HS Code:90189090
Production Capacity:800set/year
Product Desciption

General photograpy; Filter-ray device photograpy.

1. Single bed with single tube
2. Rotary anode X-ray tube unit tangential annular tubes
3. Single-phase full-wave rectification high-voltage generator
4. Power volage(V) photograph kilovolt(kV), infinitely variable control and electric mechanism
5. Be equipped with the manostat for the filament of X-ray tube and space charge complementor
6. Photographic volume, kV, mA and s, subsection, grading and interlock protection
7. Adopt the digital circuit timer. Grading according to R10 pririty coefficient, which is exact in time control.
8. High-voltage primary uses the zero controlled circuit of silicon-controlled rectifier of large power
9. Photographic bed can move in length and breadth.
10. The photographic bed, upright and vibrating ray-filter are in a whole without top and bottom track.

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